Together for More Equal Opportunity

Nele Baalmann
May 18, 2021
Equal opportunity is an issue that currently plays a minor role in professional sports. Due to low income, double workloads of side jobs and lack of recognition, female athletes hardly have a chance to realize their dream of professional sports. But together with equalchamps we want to change that.

equalchamps is a sponsoring platform that arranges sponsorships between female competitive athletes and companies. Companies should be able to find, contact and support female professional athletes via the platform. By sponsoring sports via equalchamps, companies not only position themselves for more equal opportunities but also reach regional and emotional target groups (further advantages for companies). In return, female athletes benefit from being able to realize their vocation financially. It should no longer be necessary for female athletes to beg for sponsorship contracts or rely on double workloads such as side jobs to keep their heads above water financially. This will enable the female athletes to focus 100% on their sport and to train.

In the long run, equalchamps wants to start a movement for more equal opportunities in society. Equal opportunity is a value that plays a fundamental role in our company. We do not differentiate according to gender, origin, religion or other social aspects. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we will support equalchamps on their further way. Through an investment via our holding company (Bebensee Capital Holding GmbH), we will support equalchamps to develop and operate the sponsorship platform.

We are very much looking forward to the future together, to our new challenge.

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